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app2_bohren.pdf documentation for Bohren and Huffman Barber Bohren&Huffman coated sph. Bohren&Huffman cylinder Bohren&Huffman sph. Bohren&Huffman Mie Mie Mie IDL Mie Matlab Mie Mie Conjugate gradient package Flatau, Evans, Schneider DDSCAT mu e-DDA GMM
mackowski_cylm.for Mie cyl. Markel
MatthewMcMahonDissertation.pdf Laven
SCAOBLIQ2_ver83.for Cylinder
warren_wiscombe_interview1304.1582.pdf Interview Wiscombe Mie layers Wiscombe CAM Wiscombe Mie Xu clusters
xu_description.pdf Xu clusters Xu clusters
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