Name Author Type Language Description
BHCYL Bohren and Huffman cylinder, Mie Fortran This code was originally published in the Appendix of "Absorption and Scattering of Light by Small Particles" by Bohren, Craig F., Huffman, Donald R, 1983, Wiley, New York, 530 pages.
CYLM Mackowski cylinder, oblique incidence Fortran Dan Mackowski, Auburn University. This code calculates efficiencies for slant incidence
ASMAA Hashim Yousif cylinder, slant Fortran This program calculates the scattering coefficients , scattered intensity,scattering and extinction cross sections , and the Mueller scattering matrix elements for the scattering of electromagnetic plane waves from a cylinder at oblique incidence. The cylinder is infinitely long and of circular cross section. The refractive index and the radius of the cylinder are arbitrary. This program is an improved version of the one that was published in Computer physics communications, volume 69, pp. 406-414, 1992 by Hashim yousif and edward boutros.
Barber and Hill Barber and Hill cylinder, Mie Fortran Seven computer programs from the text, Light Scattering by Particles: Computational Methods by P.W. Barber and S.C. Hill, may be used to calculate the light scattered by a cylinder when a plane wave is incident perpendicular to the cylinder axis.
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