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Conjugate gradient codes

Name Author Type Language Description
zbcg2 M.A.Botchev Conjugate gradient Fortran BiCGstab, Preprint 976, Dept. of Mathematics, Utrecht University, URL It includes two enhancements to BiCGstab proposed by G.Sleijpen and H.van der Vorst in 1) G.Sleijpen and H.van der Vorst "Maintaining convergence properties of BiCGstab methods in finite precision arithmetic", Numerical Algorithms, 10, 1995, pp.203-223, 2) G.Sleijpen and H.van der Vorst "Reliable updated residuals in hybrid BiCG methods", Computing, 56, 1996, pp.141-163
IDR Conjugate gradient Peter Sonneveld and Martin B. van Gijzen Matlab IDR(s) is a new, highly efficient Krylov subspace method for solving large nonsymmetric systems of linear equations. On this page you can find reports and papers that describe IDR(s), MATLAB code for IDR(s), and examples of how to use the code.
Conjugate gradient written by Flatau et al. Flatau, Evans, Schneider Conjugate gradient Fortran Complex and real conjugate gradient package
Conjugate gradient CCGPAK 2012 Flatau Documentation Fortran This manual describes the library of conjugate gradients codes CCGPAK, which solves system of complex linear system of equations. The library is written in FORTRAN90 and is highly portable. The codes are general and provide mechanism for matrix times vector multiplication which is separated from the conjugate gradient iterations itself. It is simple to switch between single and double precisions. All codes follow the same naming conventions Old google code conjugate gradient site Fortran95 version of Parallel Iterative Methods Software ccgpak2.0 2009 version of COCR code written by Tomohiro Sogabe and Shao-Liang Zhang F77 PIM2.3 Fortran 77 Patric C. Chaumet Fortran77 Implementations of gpbicg qmrpim tfqmr zcg
sarkar_1988.pdf Sarkar 1988 documentation
ccg1d.f ccgpack 1d

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