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T-matrix Michael I. Mishchenko, Larry D. Travis, and Daniel W. Mackowski This web site provides free public access to four T-matrix codes for the computation of electromagnetic scattering by homogeneous, rotationally symmetric nonspherical particles in fixed and random orientations, a superposition T-matrix code for randomly oriented two-sphere clusters with touching or separated components, and superposition T-matrix codes for multi-sphere clusters in fixed and random orientations. All codes are written in Fortran-77. Each code is extensively documented and provides all necessary references to relevant publications. http://www.giss.nasa.gov/staff/mmishchenko/t_matrix.html

Barber and Hill codes. Nine computer programs from the text, Light Scattering by Particles: Computational Methods by P.W. Barber and S.C. Hill, may be used to calculate the light scattered by nonspherical particles using the T-matrix method. An auxiliary program determines array dimensions for the nine basic programs.
T1.for convergence test and store [T] matrix
T2.for scattering for fixed orientation - use [T] matrix
T3.for scattering in all directions for a particle in fixed orientation - use [T] matrix
T4.for scattering for 2D random orientation - use [T] matrix
T5.for scattering for 3D random orientation - use [T] matrix
T6.for scattering matrix calculations - use [T] matrix
T7.for scattering efficiency vs size parameter
T8.for internal intensity distribution - 2D and 3D - use [A] matrix
T9.for external intensity distribution - 2D and 3D - use [T] matrix
dim.for obtain nrank-dependent array dimensions for all programs

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